The campaign logo can be printed on a variety of specialty items, including t-shirts, buttons and hats. It can also be posted on Web sites and used in printed materials, such as brochures and flyers. Please DO NOT change the logo colors; doing so will compromise the identity and integrity of the campaign. For more information about the logo versions listed below, please consult the Specialty Items section of your Operator Media Kit Guide.

The logo is available in black and white and color, in the following versions:
JPG, full color: safegasindiana_rgb.jpg
JPG, black and white: safegasindiana_bw.jpg
TIFF, full color: safegasindiana_cmyk.tiff
TIFF, black and white: safegasindiana_bw.tiff
EPS*, full color: safegasindiana_cmyk.eps
EPS, black and white: safegasindiana_bw.eps

*For this EPS logo, colors have been provided as PANTONE Process Colors (SWOP).



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